PT Afufa Samara has established since 2012. The company has experienced in providing oilfield chemicals for onshore and offshore application for many oil and gas fields in Indonesia by supplying the product/ services through other oil services companies which operates in Indonesia.

We support not only provide the products but also the expertise to design the products (Products formulator) to meet the tender specification requirement, pass the evaluation test by 3rd party laboratory, and the field technicians/engineer needed by our partner when conducting the field trial of the product during tender process. We also provide all services related for the business (i.e. SS Totetank and the skid pump).

Product & Services

oilfield production chemicals

Oilfield Production Chemicals

chemical skid pump & ss tote tank

Chemical Skid Pump & SS Totetank

manpower supply

Manpower Supply

business advisor

Business Consultant

Oilfield Production Chemicals
Afufa-oilfieldservices provides almost all oilfield production chemical application that can be relabel with the client’s brand name. We provide the technical specialist which has more than 20 years experienced in this job to ensure our customer can get the most suitable product in term of technical and commercial aspect to win/get the businesses. Our expertise including the following products: demulsifier, water clarifier, ppd, corrosion inhibitor, scale inhibitor, biocide, h2s scavenger, drag reducing agent, antifoam/defoamer, hydrotest, pipeline cleaning and foamer.
Services offered and capability

  • Handling and solving:
    • Emulsion Problem – Corrosion problem
    • Waste-water problem – Bacteria problem
    • Scale/fouling problem – Sludge problem
    • Oxygen content problem – High pour point problem
    • Salt content problem – H2S content problem
  • Surfactant for well stimulation
  • Handling, setting and maintain chemical consumption
  • Chemical dosage optimization
  • Chemical performance monitoring

Chemical Skid Pump & SS Totetank
Afufa-oilfieldservices provides the skid pumps (pneumatic/electric) or dosing pumps to support the customer during the field trial. We also can help the customer to make/design the right skid to support their businesses with very economic cost.
We have several units SS-Totetank with capacity 165gallon, 350 gallon and 550gallon to be rented for the customer who needed to support their business. We also supported by trusted local suppliers in case the customer need a specific equipment to be provided by purchase/ rent with competitive price (ISOtank, laboratory equipments, monitoring tools, etc).
Manpower Supply
Afufa-oilfieldservices provides the field technicians and field engineers that can be hired for short term or long-term project. All personnel have experiences in this oilfield chemicals application, onshore and offshore applications and holds valid certificate (Sea survival, HUET, H2S, MCU) to support their job on the oilfield.
manpower supply-1
Business Consultant
Afufa-oilfieldservices is supported by experienced people that have more than 20years involved in this business and have expertise supporting business development of local chemical companies in Indonesia’s oil and gas market, business strategy, operations, wide-networking, and market intelligent.  We familiar with the market condition, all documents required for a start-up company, company’s license required, tender document/ administration, tender legislation (PTK 007 rev4), and local content assessment. These capabilities can help the customers to speed up the growth of their businesses in Indonesia by winning more chemical tenders. We also helps the customers to increases the profit through minimize the cost by conducting efficiency in raw material cost, transportation, equipment and packaging of the chemicals.
Track Records/ Projects
Afufa-oilfieldservices has several projects to support other local chemical companies to get their businesses as following:

  • H2S Scavenger product design and lead the field trial to support a local chemical company to participate on H2S scavenger product supply tender at Medco E&P Indonesia. 2020
  • Corrosion inhibitor product selection & supply for a MNC company for the chemical tender at PHE-ONWJ. The products achieved > 90% corrosion protection efficiency and pass the technical evaluation by ITB’s corrosion laboratory. 2018-2019
  • Demulsifier product selection & supply for the local chemical companies for several tenders at various area: Limau, Sembakung, Tambun, Langgak, Jambi – Pertamina EP
  • PPD, Scale inhibitor products selection and supply directly to KSO Green World Nusantara (GWN), 2015 – present
  • Production chemical supply for the local company for chemical tender at Jambi Merang
  • Pipeline cleaning project at Tiara Bumi Petroleum
  • Sludge breaker project for Pertamina Cilacap through 3rd party company
  • Etc